The Best Cameras for Kids

The Best Cameras for Kids

Is your little one always on your smartphone taking photos? Are you thinking of getting them a camera and have no idea where to start? Well, you have come to the right place.

When it comes to photography, there is no such this as age limit. Photography is one of the many ways that people establish their hobbies. Just the same way there are cameras for adults is the same way that there are cameras for kids even though some might actually work for both adults and cameras for kids laughingbeartoys

The thing about digital cameras for kids is that they are designed to introduce your child to the world of photography. They have amazing features, innovative and fun designs and are inexpensive. Older kids and teenagers may need a more compact camera that has features such as wireless connectivity to certain smartphone apps and high-resolution sensors.

You can easily get your teenager a versatile camera that’s light in weight and is mirrorless. As your kid matures and learns how to change lenses, you can get them a more suitable camera with time.

Through the years, the instant camera has continued to gain more success. I mean, what beats the feeling of having a photo was taken, and a copy produced at the same time and shared for everyone to see? So, whether you are buying one as a gift for your child, niece or nephew of grandkids, there’s definitely a camera that will suit their preferences best.

What is it

Digital cameras for kids are photography gadgets that are mainly designed to keep your child engaged as they learn and have fun while at the same time getting into the world of photography.

The number one fun way for your kid to learn about his/her environment can be through photography. However, cameras are delicate, and most of the available designs haven’t been designed with kids in mind. Yet, those that are tough and easily don’t break are more complex for your little one.

Since the invention of digital cameras for kids, there has been a lot of improvements. These cameras come in tough bodies that don’t break easily in the event it falls and is made from a simple design. Getting a camera that’s of good quality is better than focusing too much on the image quality.

When buying your kid a digital camera, there are certain expectations you shouldn’t have lest you want to end up disappointed. Most cameras that make up this category are mainly toys that are meant to keep your child busy as they explore the world in a different light.

As a parent, your key concern should be on the durability of the camera, design as well as the games and features available with these digital cameras.

What to Look For

When it comes to buying a digital camera for your kid, there is various factors you need to pay special attention to as a parent. Here is a list of some of them.

  1. Durability

You don’t want to constantly have to buy the same camera just because the one you bought your kid two days ago got broken. When buying a camera, ensure that it’s designed to handle hard falls and absorb the impact caused. Such cameras are made out of rubberised bumpers to absorb the impact. Besides, some cameras are waterproof and those that come with a removable waterproof casing.

  1. Design

If there’s anything, you always need to remember when buying your child a gift is that it needs to be easy to use. Image quality, games and features are equally as important when you are shopping around for one. However, if your child can’t figure out how a certain feature works, they will only get frustrated with the camera. Ensure that the design of camera you are buying is pretty easy and straightforward for a child of whatever relevant age he or she is.

  1. Performance

Besides the available games, cameras are designed to take pictures. This is the kind of engagement your kid needs. Although it takes a bit more time to actually ascertain that the cameras do work, kids digital cameraa camera’s digital performance is important for your kid.

  1. Age of Child

The toy you buy your five-year-old isn’t the same that you’d buy a teenager. It’s therefore important to consider the age of your child as you go about shopping for a camera for them. Will they use any of the extra features available on that camera?

  1. Child’s Interest

Just the same way you wouldn’t like it if someone bought you a gift that you don’t like, is the same way that kids feel. After all, they have their own interests and preferences. If possible, sit down with your child and find out what their interests are and see if a camera is one of them.


The market is quite saturated with plenty of digital cameras for kids. This can, therefore, make you quite indecisive when it comes to what camera to buy. However, when you consider factors you need to have in mind when buying a camera, it can pretty much help you have a straightforward decision-making process. Besides that, our reviews have some of the best listed digital cameras that you can buy to keep the children engaged in their fun activities and fully get your phone back.

  1. The VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera

This product does not only come ready to have photos snapped out of it, but is durable and cute as well for kids between the ages of three and nine years. It has multiple features that include two lenses at the rear and front with a switching button. With the selfie introduction, the Vtech KidiZoom, captures great selfie moments as well as group photo moments. It has a 2.4-inch TFT display with the front camera having 1600 by 1200 pixels and the back having 640 by 840. Although the camera has a built-in memory space of 256MB, it has an external drive for a microSD with the capacity of anything between 1-32GB.

The camera automatically shuts off after three minutes so as to preserve the energy. The voice recording feature provides kids with an opportunity to try out five different voice-changing effects as well as to put an end to frame animation. At 1.2 pounds, this product comes together with a wrist strap that prevents it from falling and breaking hence giving it an external level of protection.




  1. Leapfrog Creativity Camera

Leapfrog’s creative camera is one of the most innovative cameras you can get for your child. It makes use of an iPod or iPhone touch that’s inserted into the protective case so as to give kids an opportunity to use an app to not only create images but to express themselves as well.

This product is advised for children aged between three to six years. The case and app combination help nurture the matching, creativity and self-expression in kids. It has six different modes that can be used for editing options with a filter or as a gallery, morph capabilities as well as a stamp. Kids can also create themed albums using the Photobooks option.




  1. VTech KidiZoom Action Camera

This product is more inclined to recording videos than it is towards taking still pictures. Although it looks a bit different compared to the other cameras in the VTech category, it’s pretty much straightforward, easy and simple to figure out. It has a waterproof housing/casing and several mounts that come in handy when your kid wants to mount it on a scooter, skateboard, bike or other fun items.

This mountable camera makes it easy for kids to document their adventures thereby making them more active.  This product besides being durable is also quite simple to use, unlike other kids’ cameras. It has a wide variety of games and activities, marked buttons, simple menus as well as a rubberised exterior in the event it falls and drops.



  1. The KD Toys Paw Patrol

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 18 months. However, the playful and fun nature of this camera makes it suitable for most young kids. There are three game modes once play with this toy. The quiz mode, melody and the discovery mode. Besides, your kid can also learn more about shapes, numbers and colours.

Once the zoom has been positioned by turning the pointer on an object, one is able to look through the viewer and see scenes that show Paw Patrol characters accompanied by corresponding sounds.  Kids can also discover the seven scenes available on the view. Clicking shutter will allow them to flash the light and hear sounds.

This camera helps boost the fine motor skills and observation development of your little one as they learn about numbers and colours.




  1. Handheld Micro Digital Camcorder

This product comes as a great little package for children. The small design makes it possible for children to gain an interest in taking photos, discovering their environment and surroundings and developing their brain. If you are looking to buy your child a gift, this is definitely one of the digital cameras that you can consider.

It’s light in weight making it easy for kids to carry around as well as pack it when they need to travel without as much as a hassle. It has an 800mAh built-in memory and takes 4000 pieces of photos, has a super compression format with a 1GB memory card that can take up to 800 pictures. It supports a 32GB memory card slot.

Your child can take the best pictures as this camera has a high video and photo resolution that can allow children take and keep their engagement sessions.




  1. Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera

It’s a real digital camera that’s kid friendly and built to survive, drop after drop after drop. Features easy & child friendly controls with a new sleek design. Kids can take pictures and view them instantly on the color screen.

Inbuilt memory stores up to 2000 pictures, 4X digital zoom, dual eye viewfinder, enhanced imager for good low light performance, and downloadable PC based software for special effects




  1. The LeapPad Learning Tablet

This product has been greatly personalised for children. It has more than 100 games, digital books, apps, flash cards and videos which are all sold separately. This tablet from Leapfrog has a built-in camera and video recorder that comes together with a 5-inch high touch resolution screen. It also has four apps which include a story studio, art studio, pet pad and one can choose an app of their choice.

With the 2GB of memory, one can download more apps easily and store them on the tablet. This tablet is ideal for young kids who are between three years and nine years. It also has a wide curriculum that can be used to develop different stages of a child’s growth and keep a progress report.


  1. The Lexibook Paw Patrol

This product is suitable for kids between the ages of five and 18 years since it comes with an LCD screen that allows your kids to see the total pictures taken. It has a digital camera of 1.3MP with a webcam and video function as well. The internal memory capacity is 8MB which can give storage for up to 624 pictures. The video resolution is 320 by 240 while the photo resolution is 640 by 480.

The selfie camera on this product has its own self-timer allowing for group photos and is compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista or 2000.





With just a few weeks to go, you can make your little one’s holiday season a memorable one by getting them one of these digital cameras. Remember to get them something they are interested in and something that will last long.

If possible, buy a digital camera that you too as a parent or guardian can use with your little one. Most importantly, ensure that it’s developing your little one’s skills besides the fun.


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