Best Toys for Christmas 2017

Best Toys for Christmas 2017

Christmas is always a happy time. The happiness not only stems from celebrating Jesus’ birth but also comes from the fact that we get to spend time together as a family and enjoy in the niceties of the holiday. These niceties include plenty of wrapped gifts that had either been purchased months before or the eve of Christmas. This is the time we start wondering, what are the best toys for Christmas this year?

Kids, at this time of year, are usually quite excited and look forward to unwrapping the gifts Santa placed under the Christmas tree. To them, it’s the best time of the year to receive a toy regardless of whether they have been good the entire year or not.

With plenty of toys available here online and in the toy stores, and supermarkets, it’s quite difficult for parents to settle for a gift for their little one. However, our 2017 review of best toys for Christmas will help you make the best gift choice. So, whether you are looking to buy a toy for your child, niece or nephew or just want to donate several toys to a children’s home to enable them to celebrate Christmas in an epic way, we have the best toys that you can consider getting. After all, is Christmas not about love and giving?

What is it?

Toys are not only for fun but are also educational and play a significant role in your child’s development. As such, buying your child the right toy should never feel like a burden to you.

Christmas will come and pass, but toys will remain. Besides gifting your child, a toy for Christmas, you also need to consider the longevity and educational value. This is not to say that it shouldn’t be fun. They need to have both of that. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the best toys for Christmas this year.

Each year, sites review toys that are best for parents or guardians to gift to their children during the festive season. These toys are usually based on lists that retailers such as Amazon release on what the best toys for Christmas that year would be. So, who are we not to give you the list of the best toys for 2017.

For most parents, the year begins with them saving towards a toy that their child showed interest in or are just waiting for that time to get it for them. If, however, you have no clue what to get your kid, don’t worry. We’ve got your back with our review.

What to look for

If you’ve bought a toy before, you know that what to look out for basically cuts across the board when it comes to toys. It’s not that Christmas toys are any different from birthday toys or summer toys – well they may be, just a little.

What then should you look for when looking for the best toys for Christmas?

  1. Age

The most important thing to consider when buying a toy is the age of your child. A 13-year old cannot play with the same toy that a 2-year old can. Moreover, manufacturers usually advice on the right age limit for toys. Hence, when buying one consider the age of your child before making a purchase.

  1. Interest

Just because you wanted a Cinderella doll for your Christmas gift and never got it when you were young doesn’t mean your child will be interested in the same. Most kids – unless they are toddlers – usually know what they want as a toy for whatever occasion. When buying toys, put your child’s interest first. If you buy them a toy that they didn’t want in the first place, they will most likely not play with it, and you will only end up having lost money on that one.

  1. Type of toy

Different types of toys serve different purposes. The right kind of toys for your kids will help them develop their cognitive, social, fine motor and language skills. Therefore, the type of toy you choose can help your kid learn and grow at the same time. As you go through our review list, think of a toy that will bring value to your child’s developmental life.

  1. Safety

Besides any other value that toys provide, the underlying fact is that they are meant to be fun. And fun, if not handles the right way can have great repercussions. And so, even as your kid has fun playing with their Christmas toy, you need to consider their safety. Don’t buy toys that can cause accidents. Remember, children under the age of three are more likely to choke on toys than their older counterparts. Also, suffocation, drowning or riding are caused by most toys in young children.

  1. Value

Can your child learn using the toy? Does it encourage their sense of creativity? Can they grow with the toy or do you have to replace it every couple of months? These are some of the questions that as a parent or guardian you should be asking when it comes to figuring out the value of the toy.


If you are here, then you must be looking for the best Christmas toys for this year. Our team has gone above and beyond to ensure they find you the hottest and best toys that will make your child’s Christmas. We not only make it easy for you to decide what toy to buy but also enable you to decide quick. Below are our top picks for the best toys for 2017.


  1. Forest Stacking Boxes by Djeco

Each of the beautifully-designed boxes is a home to an accompanying animal. The cubes are made from quality cardboard that is sturdy and has a glossy covering.

When fully stacked, the cubes measure about 86cm high. Moreover, they are a good way to teach children numbers, colours, animal recognition and counting.

This set by Djeco is ideal as it requires less space for play and storage. Kids can find various ways to keep themselves bust as they enjoy building the stacks.



Buy here:


  1. Green Grocery Shop

The Green Grocery stall made from wood is a great pick for a Christmas gift for your little one. The stall comes with different types of grocery that once can buy; vegetables, clock, chalk, till, vegetables, sign, shopping bags as well as play money.

The best thing about this set is that it’s easy to set up. This means you can sneak into the living room and set it up under the Christmas tree right before your children wake up.

Kids can also add their own additional products that they’d like to sell. This toy helps enhance the social and language skills of your child. The fact that it’s movable makes it easy to move it around.



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  1. Lego Sunshine Catamaran

The Lego Sunshine Catamaran toy is ideal for seven to 12-year olds. Christmas, being a time that some families go on vacation, this Lego set blends in well with the vacation mood.

The set includes two dolphins as well as three mini-doll figures. The set has a sun deck that has two sun loungers and a beautiful pool, a seating place, newspaper, ice creams and a scooter.

It also comes with a set of elements that your little one can use to accessorise it such as baskets, flippers, a mp3 player and smartphone, popsicle life preservers and an inflatable ring.

Let your little one has fun by vacationing on the deck of the Catamaran as they enjoy some sunshine.



Buy here:


  1. The Luvabella Doll

This is one gift parents don’t wait till last minute for their kids to play home with. Don’t wait until demand is high and there is no supply before you get one.

What makes Luvabella so interesting is the fact that she can talk, move and play just like a little toddler. Moreover, she responds to her playmates. By talking to her, the doll can learn up to 100 words.

When tickled, she can laugh and just like a real baby, drink from her bottle of milk. The doll is definitely perfect for your kids to keep themselves busy with as they enjoy the festivities of the holidays and share their toys with friends.



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  1. Beauty and the Beast Tea Set

If your kid dreams of entertaining guests every day, then this is for her. Moreover, designed off the movie, the set requires batteries – included – that will enable Mrs Potts talk.

The set comes with four cups and Mrs Potts. What better way to get your children playing house on the deck than to buy them a Beauty and the Beast tea set?

Buy here:

  1. SelfieMic Microphone

Kids love singing regardless of whether they are in tune or off tune. This toy allows your kid not only to sing but create and record their own music videos.

Besides, they also have the ability to perform plenty of hit songs or lip-sync them. the set has a selfie stick that’s adjustable and comes with an earpiece and a microphone. The microphone allows your kids to capture the audio for their soon to be launched music video.

This set also makes it a fun way for kids and their parents to have a little fun singing Christmas carols in front of the family after dinner.


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  1. Fast and Furious Anki Overdrive

Making a toy set once is great but upgrading the set after getting multiple feedback from users only makes the toy superb and amazing with greatly improved features.

The Fast and Furious cars on the tracks mean business. If it isn’t fast, it isn’t furious. By using one’s mobile phone, your kids are able to have control the car on the racing track while at the same time battling the Toretto crew.

The power zone track piece also enables your little ones to stop their opponents. Super trucks and supercars can be used to make the battle continuous.

On the other hand, the magnetic track pieces can be used to build battlefields. This is a great way to give your children continuous hours of play as you go about your tasks.


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  1. Magnetic Discovery Start Plus by SmartMax

The best thing about SmartMax’s magnetism is that it allows children to create their own buildings. One can by a 23 or 30 piece set of the SmartMax Magnetic Discovery Start Plus.

The construction kit has metal ball sizes that are large making them safe for children to play with as they can’t swallow or choke over the. With this set, your children can be as creative as they want and create structures that are out of this world.

Due to the largeness of the pieces, you can easily pick them up after a game is over and store them away nicely.


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  1. Paw Patrol Lookout Play Set

The drop-down wheels that make the Paw Patrol enable it to transform from a sea to land vehicle. This makes it more fun as the game continues even outside the sea.

The cranes enable your kid to lift Ryder out of messy situations and move him to the Rescue ATV. S/he can keep the beach safe by using flashlights and conduct rescue missions using the life ring launcher.

The set comes with cell batteries included and is suitable for children aged three years and above.


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  1. Furreal Roaring Tiger

Thinking of getting your kids a pet and still undecided on which one? Well, how about getting them the Furreal Roaring Tiger before you make up your mind? Besides being playful, he responds to touch and voice and has the softest of fur on his skin.

He has a combination of more than 100 sounds and motions and comes fully programmed and ready to play. However, you will need to buy batteries to get him playing and running around.

Feel free to cuddle and hug him as he feels more like a real pet than a Christmas gift toy.


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