Best Toys For Girls

Best Toys For Girls

If you are here, looking at toys for girls,then you must be wondering what toy to get your daughter, niece, granddaughter or friend.

Anyone shopping around for toys for girls knows very well that there are plenty of options. However, buying just about any toy for them isn’t ideal.

Back in the day, most parents weren’t keen on buying toys for the girl and the boy. For them, getting a gender-neutral toy to serve the purpose was all that mattered. However, some toys are suitable for girls and boys.

Most kids use toys to explore their interests, experiment and try out different roles. For this reason, it makes sense to have toys for girls and boys. In most cases, they are never different. They are the same toys only with colours that are associated with the girl child or boy child.

Although people have argued that the segmentation on children toys aren’t ideal, it’s a trend that isn’t about to die anytime soon. Debate on whether retailers should arrange toys in their stores that differentiate the gender-specific toys has been largely discussed. Campaigns such as ‘Let Toys Be Toys’ also emerged in the UK. In most people’s opinions, children, no matter the sex, have the right to play with whatever toy they want.

Of course, there is no denying the importance that play has on both sexes. However, on this article, we will put aside the debate on toys and focus on the best toys for your girl.

Why Toys For Girls?

When people talk of toys for girls, most people think that they are toys that are designed to only suit the girl child. However, this isn’t the case most of the times.

Our society today is very keen on gender-specific colours. As a parent, you have walked into a shop and found most clothing’s for the girl in pink and those for the boys in blue. For instance, when parents are expecting and have no clue about the sex of their baby, most of them will buy stuff that has neutral colours – green or yellow – mostly because it’s not pegged to one gender.

Baby showers are a good place to find out the sex of the baby as the theme usually determines the colour scheme.

We believe that girls don’t just need to play with toys that are considered ‘girlish.’ Besides helping in your child’s development, toys also help them in role-playing which they can relate to with actors on screens or movies. This means that toys can influence your child’s occupation decision from a young age. Limiting the choice of toy to having them play with house items or dolls can then only limit their capability.

Our review, besides considering the price, will also focus on toys that can enable the girl child to have fun while at the same time learn and develop certain skills.

What to look for

When deciding on something as important as a toy that helps your child learn and develop, it’s important to pay special attention regardless of their sex. Studies and research have shown the importance of toys in the development of a child.

What then, should you look for when buying a toy for your little girl?

  1. Interest

Kids of any age tend to lose interest real fast if they aren’t interested in something. Just because as a girl you wanted to play with a certain toy that your parents never bought you, doesn’t mean you need to force your girl to have one. When buying a toy for your girl, you need to establish their interest. For instance, my daughter might like playing with a Barbie doll while yours might enjoy playing with a car. If we were to walk into a store and buy them the opposite of what they want, they will not find them interesting and will most likely not play with them for long. It’s therefore quite important to factor in what your child is interested in before making a purchase.

  1. Age

All manufacturers have made it a point nowadays to indicate the right age for specific toys. As such, it’s easier for you as a parent, guardian or relative to make a wise decision when buying a toy. An age-appropriate toy will not only make play fun but will allow your kid to explore different dynamics with it. For example, buying toys that have removable pieces that are tiny can easily cause accidents in the home as they can easily be swallowed by infants. Worse off, if there is no adult supervision, it can easily lead to death if not addressed sooner. Henceforth, before buying your niece or daughter a toy, kindly check the recommended age bracket for her.

  1. Safety

As a parent or guardian, when buying a toy, it’s very important to consider the safety of your child. Since they are still growing and their brains are developing, children are always adventurous. Toys provide them with an avenue of trying out many different things. Depending on the toy you buy for your girl, safety needs to come first. What harm can toy A cause? Can my child play with it with minimal adult supervision? Answering these questions can be the first step you take in ensuring the safety of your child.

  1. The development of your child

As mentioned earlier, toys not only keep your child busy when you need to complete a task but help in their growth and development.

Besides, cognitive thinking, development of motor skills or learning languages, toys can also help enhance the brain function of your little girl. The brain is usually referred to as a blanket slate, and the more your child learns, the more they begin repeating the same things and being aware of them. It also helps them in remembering.

Just the same way that play is important to your child, so is the development of your child. Buy a toy that has more to offer than just fun.

  1. Educational value

Most of the parents usually buy the wrong toys for their kids. The only checklist on your toy list cannot just be fun. A toy that has educational value can teach your kid a lot more than you would yourself.

From teaching them language skills, the art of sharing, giving them a sense of safety, social skills among others, your child can benefit a lot from getting the right toys. Whatever toy you buy your kid, ensure it teaches them a thing or two that they will find beneficial in their yonder life.


If you are looking for toys for your girl, then you’ve come to the right place. We know how hard it can be walking up and down the aisle of your toy store or supermarket and having no clue what to buy. You need not worry anymore. Our review list will help guide you on the best toys for your girl that you can invest in. Below are the ideal toys that you can get your little girl.

  1. Let’s Play House by Melissa & Doug

It’s very easy to teach your girl how to clean after herself with the Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House toy set. Kids can be messy. It’s therefore important to train them at a young age how to clean. melissa and doug

This can go a long way in helping them clean their rooms or areas that they have made dirty. The toy set is made from wood and comes with a duster, broom, mop, dustpan, storage stand and brush.

The pieces are well-sized for your little girl’s tiny palms. There is no other fun way that you can teach your girl to clean if it’s not with this awesome set from Melissa & Doug. Besides teaching your child cleanliness, this set helps them enhance their fine motor skills.

Buy here:



  1. Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!

There is no better way to teach your child to develop their creativity and imagination without incorporating the Gears! Gears! Gears! By Learning Resources.

The set comes with extenders, six-way axles, gears, and pillars. Furthermore, the gears come in multiple colours; yellow, purple, red, orange and green.

This set will not only help your girl stretch her imagination and find creative ways of using her brain, but will also encourage problem-solving. As they figure this out, they will also be developing their fine motor skills.

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  1. Trampoline

There is no way to get your kids all healthy and active than buying them a trampoline. Moreover, besides everyday play, trampolines come in handy when you are throwing your little one a birthday and have more kids celebrating her birthday than you can count.

When buying a trampoline, consider the total weight it can hold and also buy a safety net to prevent accidents from happening.

Trampoline help encourage your child to engage in a physical activity that helps in strengthening their bones and keeping them as fit as possible.

It also reduces the chances of your child becoming obese.

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  1. The Barbie Dreamhouse

Showing empathy and care is something the Barbie Dreamhouse can teach your child.

Moreover, they also learn to have organisational skills as they are able to arrange the house how they want it to be which gives them room for creativity.

The dollhouse comes with furniture and six rooms that are customizable to ones’ own taste. However, Barbie dolls aren’t included and can be purchased separately.

It has a speech recognition software that uses in-built Wi-Fi to recognise more than 100 voice commands.

With a few motorised features, 13 light switches and an automatic elevator, what more convincing do you need so as to get this for your girl?

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  1. The Alex Art Studio

Are you trying to figure out if your daughter has an artistic flair in her? How about buying her the Alex Art Studio set and figuring that out? 

Regardless of whether she is artistic or not, this set can be a good way for you and her to spend some quality time working on multiple art projects in your free time.

And if indeed she has an artistic flair, it’s a great way to develop her art and passion for drawing.

The set comes with graphite and charcoal, a paint brush, bright pastels, several erasers, ruler, 4.5-inch mannequin, pencil sharpener, sanding block, blending stumps and coloured pencils. This could be the perfect choice if you’re looking for toys for girls.

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  1. Kidkraft’s Tasty Treats Food Set

Besides teaching your girl the different foods that are available, this set by Kidkraft also helps teach your little one pronunciation and language skills.

Still, setting it out for your daughter to play with her friends helps her develop her socialisation skills.

The set also helps parents or guardians spend more time with their kids as they teach them the different types of food in the set giving them a sense of safety. The set has 115 pieces.

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  1. Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen by Kidkraft

No one wants to stay hungry when they can quickly fix something for themselves. This is what the Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen is all about. 

Fully equipped with any kitchen equipment that’s a must-have, the espresso is an ideal way of letting your daughter learn how to get a few tasks done in the kitchen.

The set comes with an oven, a refrigerator, microwave, storage space for pans, a 4-burner stove, a kitchen sink and a play phone.

Measuring different ingredients when cooking and having her invite her friends for a cookout session also helps with her socialisation skills.

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  1. Shopping Trolley and Play Food Toy Store

As mentioned earlier, toys teach your child a lot and help in developing certain skills. The shopping trolley for kids with a grocery stand store is an ideal way of getting kids to organise their stand and shop around for items.

Besides enhancing their creativity and teaching them organisational skills, kids can also become imaginative with the way they arrange their store and shop around.

Learning the different vegetables, fruits and other grocery products available in the stand can help them develop their language skills.

Moreover, it represents a real supermarket grocery section which makes them aware of their environment and is definitely one of the best toys for girls.

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