10 Great Board Games For All The Family

10 Great Board Games For All The Family

Are you as a parent tired of figuring out what fun play activities you can engage in with your family that doesn’t require some sort of rating or parental guidance? We’re always looking for new toys and games and we’ve got the answer for you.  A great new selection of board games.

If you are like us, then family comes first. We relish each and every moment that we spend with them. We believe that you too should, and there is no better way to do that than to enjoy a board game with your little one.

It can be hard for both adults and children alike to get off the screen of their TV or laptop and engage in something that can make them think. However, knowing the value board games bring not only on game nights but on other occasions such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, our review will get you up and run to the nearest store to grab yourself one.

Besides, most of you grew up with the hard-to-figure-out board games making you detest board games. I mean, who wants to spend hours trying to figure out one move in a board game?

Over the past years, there have been great improvements on board games making them fun and easily adjustable to family members of all ages. Add that to a plethora of how to videos made available on YouTube or by manufacturers of the respective board games that eliminate large reading volumes of rule books and finding a perfect family board game is as easy as taking a nap.

What is a Board game?

Board games are made up of pieces or counters that are moved when playing on a pre-marked board or surface. Board games usually have detailed instructions on how they are played with an end goal of each player in mind.

Board games became a thing many centuries ago, and their origin is believed to be from Egypt. The first ever board game to exist was known as the ‘Senet.’

Initially, most board games were complex and required one to put in a lot of hours in play time. However, over the years, board games have evolved and become more relatable. This means that parents or guardians are able to buy board games that are not just suitable for them but for family members of all ages.

Besides needing players to think and make critical moves, they also help families bond and have a good time. So, whether you are looking to invite friends over or it’s purely family, be sure there will be lots of competitive energy and lots of laughs.

What to look for

There are hundreds of board games manufactured every year. This can make it really hard to decide on which board game to buy when out shopping.

It’s however never a good idea to buy a board game based on your impulse. There are definitely several factors you would want to consider. I mean, board games are a great way to have fun and they can be passed down from one generation to the other. What other reason needs to be top of your list if not fun? Any person buying a board game for any other reason than fun needs to rethink their decision.

Below are some tips on what to consider before spending money on a board game.

  • Theme or concept

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether the theme of the game appeals to you. It’s very easy to get carried away with the different themes and concepts for board games that exist in the market. Is the game about animals? Zombies? Educational? To guarantee you get the most fun out of any board game with your family, you need to ensure that the board games are family friendly. It also has to appeal to your family. No need to buy a game that the people you want to play it with won’t find interesting.

  • Rules

There is no fun in having to refer to the rule book every 30 or so seconds. Board games are supposed to be fun but will lose their meaning if the rules are too complex and not comprehensible. You can’t play a game that you don’t understand. When buying a board game, ensure you have a look at the component list and determine the level of complexity of the game you are about to buy.

  • Players

It’ not uncommon to find a fun board game that requires ten or more players. If you are keen on buying a board game, you need to buy one where you can accommodate all players needed. For instance, if you are buying a board game for your family and there are only five members, there is no need to buy one that requires seven or eight players. Why? If you are looking to play on regular basis, you won’t be able to enjoy it seeing that you lack the full player count.

  • Playtime

If as a family, you all have busy schedules, there’ll be no need buying board games that require more than an hour of play. This is because you might not have time for it and might be forced to fix it in your schedules and never finish a game. Consider your family schedule before buying any board game.

  • Educational content

Any game that involves kids or teenagers needs to be educational. Besides the children having fun, then need to learn one or two things from the game. Is it new words? Critical thinking? New skills? Competition? Fair play? As a parent, don’t just buy any board game, but one that your kids will be able to learn from.


If you are reading this right now, it means you are considering getting a board game that is suitable for the entire family. Our list entails a collection of ten board games that are suitable for the entire household. Playtime is also a great factor in our review so that you can squeeze in an hour or so of play time before calling it a night.

  1. Obama Llama

The Obama Llama rhyme board game had to be on our list. I mean, who doesn’t want an Obama in any part of their life? Radio 1 DJ Matta Edmondson partnered with Big Potato to come up with this fancy game. The game can be played with a minimum of four players and can be played by two teams.

The game has three different categories; acting, describing or solving. Each card has three rhymes by a celebrity with each team having 30 seconds to act or describe the rhymes to their team members. If your team gets it right before the time is up you earn points.

How about you get started and see if you can find a rhyme before your time runs out.


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  1. Takenoko

Takenoko is perfect if you have a family of two to four people. You will only need to invest 45 minutes of play time. Each player has a task of taking care of a roaming panda and tending to the bamboo garden of the Emperor.

Players will have to ensure that the bamboo garden is well taken care of and that there is enough bamboo for the panda to feed on. Learning how to care for a garden will be a crucial lesson for both adults and children alike.

What a way to end the day after many hours in class or the office.



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  1. The Tokaido Board Game

Holidays can be exciting for the family. The stops, the exciting new place, eating different food and just discovering how ancient towns came into existence can be so much.

This is what the Tokaido game revolves around. In the game, all players are travellers travelling through Japan’s East Sea Road.

You need to be in the right frame of mind to play Tokaido. Your journey on the board can start from whatever end. Along the way, you will make stops so as to enjoy a meal, meet other travellers, go sightseeing, visit temples or collect some souvenirs.

However, players are able to take certain actions as they proceed with their journey. Players can choose to journey at a slow pace in order to get more turns or fast so as to beat other travellers. There are a variety of actions that players can take at each action space that will enable them score points over their counterparts.



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  1. Acquire

Recommended for kids from the age of twelve, this board game takes an average time of 90 minutes. Acquire enables each player to invest in companies from various industries. The game accommodates three to six players, and each player is able to start a company, invest in others or merge them.

When investing, each player is supposed to be the majority stockholder. The tile placements allow players to grow their businesses and merge them at some point. If a player merges their business and becomes the majority stockholder, they earn bonuses which they can then use to invest in another business.

The investors can then trade their stocks for current market value or for shares in new businesses. The game is ideal as it teaches the young ones how to invest and the kind of calculated risks it takes to invest in a successful company and eventually sell out or merge to form powerful business corporations.



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  1. King of Tokyo

The 2016 version of King of Tokyo is much improved with simpler rules compared to the earlier versions. Three to six players can play the game and takes 30 minutes. King of Tokyo players will have to roll dice in order to attack their enemies, slowly heal from wounds, boost their monsters or clinch the victory.

Two ways can be used to win the game: be the last monster standing or be the first player to achieve 20 victory points.

Moreover, you can buy cards that have a special ability with the energy tokens so as to open other spots in Tokyo on the board for five or more groups.



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  1. Quiddler

If Scrabble has stopped being fun, how about trying Quiddler? Quiddler is played using cards instead of tiles. The cards have letters and players have to use the cards to come up with words.

The first player to use all her letters gets kicked out of the game making it the last round of play for the remaining players.

A minimum of one person can play the game and a maximum of eight people. The game helps children build their vocabulary.



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  1. The Ticket to Ride Europe

Ticket to Ride is filled with railway adventures and has had its success surpass many of other board games in its price range leading to the creation of expansion sets. To complete one play takes roughly 30 – 60 minutes.

Number of players needed for the game is from two to five. Moreover, one can learn the game in under 15 minutes. Players will need to be very sharp and make strategic moves if they are to win. The cross-country train experience allows players to connect various cities by claiming routes used by railways on Europe’s 20th-century map.

As players move along the way, they are able to earn points. The game is easy to learn and provides lots of fun for both adults and children.



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  1. Pandemic

This particular game will need two to four players and will take about 45 minutes. In Pandemic, all players will have to work together using their own individual uniqueness to try and get rid of four contagious diseases that have affected the world.

Pandemic enhances teamwork and collaboration showing the young ones the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. If you feel you all need to be challenged, you can opt for Pandemic Legacy.

However, it is more advanced and requires more play time and can be a little more complex for children below the age of 13.



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  1. Concept

As an award-winning game that has won a couple of awards and gotten nominated for some, Concept is pretty fun in getting people to think. In addition, the game requires a lot of teamwork from members.

Allowing for a maximum of 12 players and minimum of four, players will work to earn points by successfully naming the phrase or word by using the clues for the different categories placed on the board game. The first player in the team to get the right answer earns two victory points for

The first player in the team to get the right answer earns two victory points for themselves, and the team earns some points also. The winner is determined by the individual with the highest number of victory points.



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  1. Monopoly Junior Games

Before the introduction of Monopoly Junior Games, it was a bit hard for adults to play it with their children. However, since the introduction of this game, families can get down to enjoying some quality time together over a game of Monopoly.

The game includes 16 tokens in one pack and players can use them to trade or buy property, solicit rent and even make their competitors go bankrupt. Just don’t think that the money is real. It’s all about the game and fun.

So, how much can you gain?


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