10 Best Trampolines For Under 12’s

10 Best Trampolines For Under 12’s

The best trampolines for under 12’s. Whether you spent your entire childhood jumping up and down on a trampoline that was owned by your family or a friend’s, you will agree with us that you looked forward to such moments. And if you’ve come to this page, you are definitely considering getting a trampoline for your kids or as a gift to a niece or nephew to pay-it-forward and keep the smiles going.

There is no denying that the best trampolines provide kids with a great amount of play value for children regardless of their age. It tops the list of kid’s favourite outdoor toy.best trampolines for under 12s

Trampolines help keep your kids energised, fit, active and tired helping them sleep soundly at bedtime thus helping in their development. Trampolines are, therefore, an effective way of getting your kids to exercise healthily as they have fun.

Despite the benefits, it’s important to have the safety of your kids first. Don’t just buy a trampoline because you need to buy one. In our review, we make it easy for you to choose the best trampoline available in the market. Knowing how hard it can be to decide on which one to get, we have listed ten of the best trampolines based on various factors.

What is it

The best trampolines are made from strong sheets of fabric that are connected to a frame by springs. They are mainly used for gymnastics and acrobats when exercising as they provide both a landing area and springboard.

Our world is more technology oriented. Raising a kid in this day and age has become quite hard what with the many available games like PS4 and Xbox that require kids to basically sit at one spot the entire day not moving an inch and controlling cars and robots on TV screens. Most parents who have 8 to 5 jobs or are basically lacking in parenting may find it hard to know how their kids pend their day.

The best trampolines are an effective way of getting your little ones outdoor and keeping them engaged and living healthy. However, there is a great amount of safety measures and supervision that needs to be factored into each trampoline game.

We can’t ignore the fact that our bodies and those of our kids, need to burn off calories in order to function properly and stay healthy.

Knowing the best trampolines available for your 12-year old can help you know what you need to bear in mind when choosing one. Reviews and customer feedback are a great way for you to know which trampoline to choose. Trampolines are an investment, and you shouldn’t buy one blindly or in a rush.

What to look for

When buying a trampoline, various things need to be considered. As mentioned earlier, trampolines are an investment and can’t be bought the same way you might buy other toys. Because of this we thought it was a good idea to come up with a list of the best trampolines on the market available for under 12’s.

As a parent or guardian, your number one focus when buying one should be on the safety of your child before any other thing. Below are a few things you need to pay special attention to when it comes to buying trampolines for your 12-year old child.

  • Safety

As mentioned severally, your child’s safety needs to come first before anything else when looking purchase, a trampoline. In the US alone, trampolines cause about 100,000 accidents a year. Worse still, 93% of trampoline-related injuries occur in children under the age of 16 with one out of every 200 injuries leading to permanent neurological damage.

It is therefore quite important to get a trampoline that is safe and won’t lead to any accidents when your kids are out having a good time. Besides getting a safe trampoline, always ensure that your child is being supervised even as they play.

  • Design

Do you want an inground trampoline or an overground one? Do you want an oval, rectangular or round trampoline? These questions need to help you decide on the design you want.

Over-ground trampolines tend to be cheaper compared to inground ones. Round trampolines are also more popular than rectangular and oval ones. Still, the rectangular trampolines are ideal if your 12-year old is into the gymnastics. Oval trampolines are ideal if you have a small garden but also have more jumping space compared to the round ones.

  • Size

Most people underestimate the amount of space needed to set up a trampoline effectively. As such, size is usually an overlooked factor.

Make sure that before buying a trampoline, you have enough space to fit the one you pick out. Also, it’s advisable to fit one on a grass surface than on a patio. This is based on the high-risk of injuries for a trampoline fall out.

  • Weight

The trampolines weight is something else that needs to be considered besides your kid’s weight. If a trampoline weighs a lot, it means that moving it around won’t be easy and therefore it will spend most of its time outdoors even though its meant to an indoor one.

Your child’s weight is also important when it comes to buying a trampoline. You need to know the weight limit of the trampoline you want to buy so as to prevent accidents. Some trampolines are ideal for one or two light users while others can hold the weight of a car and are therefore ideal for multiple kids. As a rule of thumb, a trampoline whose diameter is 8ft is ideal for one to two people; one to three people for a 12ft diameter; and two to three people for a 15ft diameter.

  • Enclosure or safety net

Enclosures or safety nets are ideal as they ensure that your child doesn’t fall over when bouncing on the trampoline.

Unless you are buying an in-ground model (even though there are instances where you will need a safety net), it’s important to always get a safety net for the overground trampolines. This way, even as your child is supervised during playtime, it reduces the chances of them falling and sustaining injuries. The best trampolines generally come with a net but these can also be bought as an extra afterwards.


The market is saturated with trampolines that are available for sale from different brands. Although this leaves parents spoilt for choice, it also makes it difficult for them to know which trampoline to buy that’s suitable for their 12-year old’s.

Choosing a sound and sturdy trampoline can, therefore, be an uphill task. The fact that they are not cheap makes it all the more confusing as we all need value for our money.

Our trampoline review list makes it easy for parents or guardians or anyone looking to buy a trampoline to locate the best trampolines in the market. Our team did a lot of bouncing and relied on great feedback from younglings to bring you this review list and ensure you have the right facts before making a huge but worthy investment.

  1. The Skywalker 15 Foot Trampoline and Safety Net

The Skywalker 15ft. model is ideal for any 12-year old. Kids are able to access it without the need for a ladder or support from an adult. It’s also one of the safest models available in the market and weighs 12kgs. Skywalker trampolines stand out from their competition due to the level of detail they put when designing the trampolines.

Moreover, this model comes with a safety enclosure that has soft foam padding that prevents injuries when kids jump near the springs and support. The Skywalker 15ft. legs have a T-socket at the meeting point of the joints thus averting twists or breaks. Although it needs more space, this model is durable and can last your kid their post-teen years.

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  1. Zero Gravity Ultima 4 10f Foot High Spec Trampoline

Zero Gravity has over the years stayed away from making cheap trampolines as there was a need to make quality and secure ones. As such, their trampolines were affordable to a select few. However, due to technological advancements, they have been able to make affordable trampolines while not compromising on safety and quality. The Ultima 10ft. comes with an enclosed safety net and ladder to make it easy for kids to climb.

The trampoline is easy to set up. The safety net is also easy to remove in case of strong wind. The netting also starts from the edges of the jumping exterior. The safety padding is designed from quality PVC that doesn’t perish under direct UV rays. This model can comfortably take up the weight of users who weight up to 500kgs.

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  1. The Rebo 10 Foot Base Jump Trampoline With Halo II Enclosure Safety Net

After three years in production, Rebo launched their trampoline base jumps. The Halo II enclosure makes it sturdy and gives it an insurmountable amount of strength. Made only for domestic use, this Rebo trampoline comes with a toolkit and a comprehensive instruction guide.

The protective edge thickness measures 20mm, and it has a tube diameter and wall thickness of 38 by 1.5mm.

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  1. Vuly 2 Trampoline

Vuly’s trampolines are well-known for their durability and excellent bounce. This Vuly model has a heavy-duty frame. This is based on the fact that it’s made from steel that’s twice-galvanized and covered with a matte black powder coat making it hard for this model to rust easily.

The safety padding is well cushioned to prevent kids from sustaining injuries. With a mission of designing the best trampolines globally, it’s no wonder why this model is nuts and bolts free but click to fix to showcase their engineering brilliance. Available in three different sizes, this model can take up to 150kg of weight and is easy and fast to assemble.

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  1. The Plum Inground Trampolines

The Plum inground trampoline comes in three different sizes; 8ft, 10ft and 12ft. This model needs no safety net and has been engineered for durability, safety and outstanding bounce. The safety padding help minimize airflow creating an amazing bounce experience complimented with the vented jumping mat.

Suitable for kids from the age of six, the green and black colours make it blend easily into the ground.

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  1. BERG Inground Champion Safety Trampoline

The BERG inground trampoline comes available in an oval shape. As one of the most popular models from the BERG brand, the in-ground model is available in both green and grey colours. It has a grey protective border that has an extra layer of softness and wideness providing the needed safety.

The material used in its design is resistant to different types of weather. The enclosed safety net has arced posts that give more jumping space.

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  1. BERG Over Ground Champion Trampoline

Best trampolines

BERG does not compromise when it comes to safety and quality. This model is available in four different sizes and is round. It has 30 percent more springs than normal trampolines which allow kids to have a fluid and controlled bounce.

With a double-layered door that closes itself, this model comes with a safety padding that is extra wide to prevent kids from falling on the springs and getting injured. The steel construction is not only thick and wide but is also rustproof. With BERG’s history of making quality trampolines, they give buyers a 13-year warranty.

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  1. Maximus Pro Rebounder Trampoline

This model, widely used by athletes globally. With the Maximus Pro Rebounder, your kids can exercise as they have fun both indoors and outdoors. The product is easy to assemble and dismantle as it can easily be folded into half then quarter. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about carrying or storing it as it comes with its own storage bag.

It can take a total weight of up to 130kgs. This mini-trampoline delivers amazing health benefits and exercise routines. It has a stability bar, spring system, resistance bands, storage/carry bag, sand weights and a DVD for beginners. Additionally, with its purchase, buyers get a free 3-month video membership.

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  1. Springfree Medium Round Trampoline

The Springfree trampolines were designed with safety in mind first. This particular model is large enough for parents or guardians to join in the fun with their kids. With an available jumping area of 10ft, this Springfree model will need a 5m diameter space for setup.

It allows for a maximum user weight of up to 115kgs and has sweet spots that enable kids have a perfect bounce. The bounce is also enhanced by the lack of springs which give kids a larger jumping space.

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  1. Fit Bounce Pro Trampoline

The Fit Bounce Pro trampoline is another perfect trampoline for getting your kid to have fun while exercising. The leg system has plenty of springs making it easy to fold the legs when storing and for easy setup. With an amazing bounce, its bungee system is able to stretch nicely to allow your kid land softly and silent.

The package includes one music and two rebound video downloads and a carry/storage bag that makes it easy to transport.

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