Leapfrog – Awesome Educational Toys for Your Child

Leapfrog – Awesome Educational Toys for Your Child

If you are a parent and are looking for educational toys for your child, then you’ve come to the right place. Of course, we are not implying that uncles, aunts or grandparents won’t find this useful. Your nephews’ or nieces’ gift might just be what’s on this list. Leapfrog toys are certainly some of the best quality educational toys out there and this is something here at LaughingBearToys that we strive to find

Children grow at different paces. Some will walk without crawling while others will talk before walking. Even as they achieve certain milestones, as parents, our minds are always filled with questions of how we can make learning fun for our children. Lucky for us, most toy manufacturers are having sleepless nights trying to get an answer for the same question.

A good educational to needs to make learning fun for your child (ren). Whether they are learning about numbers, shapes, colours or words – or coding, fine art, construction or robotics – these toys need to provide pleasure and added value for your little ones.

Instead of having your kids spend uncountable hours playing games or watching cartoons on whatever devices, as a parent, you can encourage them to spend that time gaining new knowledge or learning a new skill. However, buying the appropriate educational toys for your child can prove to be a daunting task. Don’t worry. That’s why we made this review for you.

When buying educational toys, you need to ensure that they are age appropriate for your child, is fun to use and that they’ll be able to gain a skill or two from, it. This not only makes playing for your child fun but can help in achieving certain milestones.

What is it

Leapfrog toys are educational toys manufactured by Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc. Their toys help to make learning a fun affair for your kids by helping them develop important skills that is crucial in their development.

Their toys are designed by a highly experienced team whose main focus is in helping children get the best out of their playtime. Having been in existence for more than 20 years. Leapfrog are trendsetters in the educational toy industry and have designed some of the most award-winning products. Their educational toys are designed using the state-of-the-art expertise that combines the use of technology, innovation and engaging play to make them suitable for their target audience – your children.

Leapfrog toys provide your kids with a lifetime of learning. The toys are appropriate for babies as they grow through to their school age and offer personalised experiences. The personalisation helps create excitement, build your child’s confidence as well as encourage them.

With the understanding that parents have a great impact on their child, the toys come with learning resources that can enable parents to help their kids. If you are looking to have your kid develop some skills or gain some inspiration, then you should definitely get them one of the Leapfrog product in our review. With Leapfrog toys, playtime isn’t just like any other time.

What to look for

More often than not as parents, we head out to toy stores and purchase whatever toys we can think of. As long as they have bright colours, can make plenty of noise and have buttons left right and centre that our children can push then we are good to go. Regardless of how close a buying principle we think this is, it isn’t the right way to buy an educational toy.

As mentioned earlier, getting the right educational toys for your kids can be quite the task especially if you are a new parent. Having this in mind, we know that our review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have a guide of what you should look for when buying an educational toy.

So, what exactly should you look for when buying an educational toy for your child?

  • An understanding of what exactly educational toys are

Playtime for kids is so much more than the game itself. For them, it’s about learning and discovering their surroundings. Educational toys help them in this learning process. Remember, educational toys are not your typical toys that act as a distraction for your kid when you are swamped with work you carried home from the office. Rather, they have added value in that they can help your child achieve certain mile stones.

  • Types of educational toys

Educational toys help in your child’s development. They are therefore divided into different categories depending on the part they help develop in your child. There are educational toys that help in the muscle and physical development of your kid, those that help with their senses, those that help with their creativity and intellectual development and the make-believe toys that help with their social development. When choosing educational toys, have a set objective of what you want it to help achieve in your kid. This way, your buying decision won’t need lots of evaluation.

  • Is the toy appropriate for your child?

This is the one question that you should always have at the back of your mind when looking to purchase an educational toy. Your answer can rely on three factors; your child’s age, interest and stage. When growing up, we all desired certain toys. Unfortunately, due to one reason or the other, your parent might not have been able to afford it, and you were forced to grow up without it. When buying a toy for your kids, don’t put your interests first and choose what you wanted to own when growing up. Find toys that are age appropriate and those that your child will be interested in.

  • Simplicity

With technology changing the way things are made, it’s pretty easy to get lost trying to figure out what kind of toy to buy. As a rule, always buy a toy that’s simple and easy to play with. Kids easily get agitated when they can’t figure out something they are supposed to play. Life is already too complex for them as they try to figure out everything around them and you shouldn’t add to their confusion. Getting a simple educational toy means that it won’t require much coordination and effort from their end. Moreover, it means you can spend minimal time helping them figure it out.

  • Quality

We all love buying products that will last a long time and can be passed down from one generation to the other. As a parent, you can invest in educational toys that can be used by child number one up to the last one. As such, when buying a toy, ensure that it’s durable and can last you a long time. This way, even when baby number two or three comes, you won’t have to spend more money on getting them new toys.


As more and more companies producing educational toys continue to crop up, parents continue to find it hard making a buying decision. However, having the right information can help in your decision making. Our team set out to try some of the best Leapfrog educational toys and give you an authentic list that not only focuses on pricing but also looks at other desirable features that make these the best educational toys.

  1. Leapfrog Leapstart Interactive Learning System

Leapfrog’s Leapstart interactive learning system is ideal for children between the ages of two to seven. So, whether your kid is just starting preschool or nursery, you can’t go wrong in buying them this toy. Leapstart makes use of a stylus that is able to read the invisible dots on each page.

These dots trigger questions, jokes, songs and other activities that help in teaching different concepts. The stylus helps kids navigate the different pages and activate different audio. Kids can compose their songs, search for letters, look for numbers and create their own jokes.

The system can support up to 25+ replayable books that are sold separately to help keep your child engaged and keep wanting more. The Leapstart system allows for a complete collection of activity books that cuts across four different learning levels with each level teaching up to 50+ skills.

Besides the stylus, the complete set of the Leapstart learning system includes a guide for getting children ready for school that is downloadable and a Nursery and Preschool sampler book.

The device uses two AA batteries that have to be bought separately when buying it.

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  1. The Musical Rainbow Tea Party

The Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party can be the best gift for your daughter, niece, grand-daughter or god-daughter.

The multicoloured product requires no assembly and is appropriate for kids between the ages of one to three years.

The tea party set includes 10-pieces with a teapot that enables your kids to learn fun play songs and dazzles in six different rainbow colours. All your kid needs to do is to tip the pot, and they can start learning the more than 50+ phrases available on the Musical Rainbow Tea Party set.

Besides learning colours and songs, this set by Leapfrog helps your kid learn how to count, greet and teaches them some manners form the vocabulary phrases.

Unlike the Leapstart interactive system, the Musical Rainbow Tea Party uses 3AA batteries that come with the set.

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  1. The Chat & Count Phone by Leapfrog

The Leapfrog Chat & Count Phone can be used for children from the age of 18 months to six years. The age bracket makes it a good investment as your child grows with it.

With no assembly or remote-control use needed, there are more than 15 phone activities that your child can engage in.

The music button on the device enables your kid to listen to counting songs that they can sing along to. Moreover, the call button produces the puppy pal Scout on the screen who makes it possible for your kid to trade voicemails and calls with them.

This make-believe educational toy helps your kid learn how to count in a fun way and helps develop their skills. The online Leapfrog Learning Path also makes it possible for parents to connect and get useful learning insights and ideas.

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  1. Leapfrog’s My Discovery House

Is your kid aged six months and you are wondering what educational toy to get them? Look no further than the Leapfrog My Discovery House.

Just like with a real house where you are required to open, close and turn, so does the My Discovery House do the same for your little one.

In addition, they can also push and slide. The house has five play areas that provide over 75 learning responses. This toy helps them understand role-play actions that are done each day.

Besides learning opposite words when they flip the light switch on and off or open and close the fridge door, they are also able to learn routines that occur during the day and night.

When the sun is out, and they can see it through the window, they can pretend to do day activities like have lunch or breakfast. On the other hand, when the sun makes way for the moon, they are able to learn night-related routines and look forward to bedtime stories.

These daily routine lessons help children understand better their environment.

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  1. Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

What can be more exciting than watching your little one put up magnetic letters in the fridge and try to make sense out of it?

With the 26 alphabetical letters, Leapfrog’s fridge phonics makes it possible for your child to learn the alphabet and try to create words from the letters.

With your fridge acting as the board, the set is suitable for children aged two years and above. They can also stick the school bus to the fridge making it more fun for them. By placing the letters on the bus windows and pressing them, children are able to hear Tad pronounce the letter and sing a song about its name.

A double press on the letter will make Tad give an example of a word that starts with the said letter and create a sentence using the word.

The music note allows children to learn the “Wheel on the Bus’’ and “Alphabet Song’’. This set not only makes it possible for your children to learn the alphabet and reinforce it, but allows them to learn sentence construction.

Besides, it helps in strengthening the finer motor skills thus helping improve your child’s coordination.

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