Top 10 Children’s Films – 2017

Top 10 Children’s Films – 2017

It’s important for parents to occasionally enjoy quality time with their children watching a good movie and with this in mind, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Children’s Films in 2017. Of course, there are movies that you wouldn’t want to sit down and watch with your children. Thanks to PG rating you won’t have to sit through adult scenes forcing your young ones to close their eyes every few minutes.

The availability of children focused film also makes it easier for parents to get movies that are age-appropriate for kids. Such requires minimal parental guidance. However, with the availability of the internet, having a tech-savvy kid can mean having no idea what they do or watch on the internet when you are not home.

It’s, therefore, your responsibility as a parent to limit access to certain sites and have control of the channels your children can watch when you are not around with them. Children can pick a vulgar language and be exposed to sexual scenes, abuse of alcohol and other drugs at an early age if proper caution isn’t taken.

The ends result is that your kid will want to practice what they see or start using profane words in their communication. Remember, the ages between 2-6 years are very crucial for the development of your child’s mind. It’s the age where they want to try out anything they see – even risky stunts from ‘Superman’ movies.

Taking preventive measures as a parent can help save face; both yours and your child’s. No one wants to get asked unsettling questions during family get together’s’ that will make people uncomfortable.

Benefits of Watching Movies with Your Children

  • Helps in starting difficult conversations

As a parent, you may sometimes find yourself in a situation where you are unable to explain certain things to your children in a way they’d understand. When faced with such, find an age-appropriate movie where the characters face a similar situation. This can help you ask your little one questions regarding a particular issue and enable you to drive your point.

  • Feedback

Movies can be a great way to get feedback from your child on what they understood. Spending a few minutes after every movie watched to get feedback can help your child learn to think critically. This can be good in helping them develop their critical thinking skill that most employers sort for from their employees from a tender age.

  • Family quality time

Planning to watch a movie as a family now and then is a good way to bond and even catch up on important family matters. Before scheduling one, ensure that the movie is appropriate for your audience – your children included. Make it fun by letting different family members select movies on each movie night. It teaches your children how to delegate and the importance of shared responsibility and respecting other people’s suggestions.

  • Cultural differences

Age-appropriate movies can be a great way to get your children exposed to issues they may not be interested in. For example, movies based on historical events can help shape the opinion of your child. Using movies to expose the existence of different cultures can help make them more aware. This can, in the end, help them become acceptable towards other people in the society.

Ratings Classifications

The system used to rate movies for children makes it easier for parents to make decisions about what parents can allow their kids watch. Even though ratings help a lot, doing research on a movie and getting familiarized with the theme or plot can help you make better decisions. As such, don’t just rely on the rating. The most commonly used rating systems on a movie are:

  • General Audiences (G) — the G sign rating means it’s all age approved
  • Parental Guidance (PG) — some content may not be appropriate for children and parental guidance is recommended
  • PG-13 – the movie may have scenes that are inappropriate for children below 13 years
  • Restricted (R) – the movie may not be suitable for children under the age of 17 or 18 and parents need to take appropriate caution

Why Are There Movie Rating Concerns

It’s appropriate for film producers not to break the law. There are several reasons why there exist movie ratings especially for young children:

  • Language – some films contain the use of vulgar and profane language that can be unsettling for different audiences
  • Movie theme – some topics or themes can be for a more appropriate mature audience that is able to take appropriate measures. These include crime, violence, racism and bullying
  • Sex/Nudity – certain scenes may have light sex scenes while others may be very alarming
  • Violence – in comedy, threats or violence can be treated a bit lightly as compared to in a more action-packed movie
  • Horror – a young audience getting exposed to long scary scenes can impact their lives and make them scared
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse – too much consumption of alcohol or abuse of drug isn’t appropriate for PG rated movies as young children might think that is the norm
  • Discriminative language – movies that discriminate against age, gender, sexuality, race, disability or religion shouldn’t be made available for children who can’t differentiate between right or wrong. Instead, films showing that discrimination on all the above issues is wrong should be encouraged

Based on the above considerations, our list of Top 10 Children’s Films recommendations below have put all the above factors into play when coming up with the list.

  1. Boss Baby



Boss Baby is an animated comedy film based on the popular picture book by Marla Frazee. The movie’s theme is focused on sibling rivalry that takes place when a new kid is born. Older children usually start to feel they are loved less and can devise tactics to try and get all the attention.

Boss Baby, voiced by Alec Baldwin, is set in a world where babies aren’t born but are manufactured. Once Boss Baby arrives in his family, Tim, the elder brother finds it hard to get along with him and is constantly telling his parents how their precious little child can talk and attends business meetings.

As the plot thickens, Tim discovers that his little brother is an actual spy who’s set to stop a battle that involves babies and puppies. The 97-minute film was directed by Tim McGrath and produced by DreamWorks Animation.




  1. Despicable Me 3



Gru gets fired from his job and leave the Minions hoping that he’ll resume his crime life. Instead, Gru decides to pack his bags and sets out to meet his twin brother whom he is meeting for the first time after he got lost.

Together, they have to work round the clock to stop the danger being paused by Balthazar Bratt and retrieve a stolen diamond by him. Bratt, a former child star, is on world revenge mission.

The use of bright colours makes the movie ooze of so much life. Be prepared to have a good laugh as the movie is really funny.



  1. Wonder Woman



Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is a good movie for children aged 10 years and above. The most outstanding thing is that the lead super hero is female compared to most movies that always tend to have men as the super heroes taking the centre stage. Additionally, it is action packed.

If your children are into female super hero roles model then Wonder Woman is ideal for them. The theme of the movie is taking action to do good for other people.

Diana (played by Gal Gadot), lives on a secluded island until one-day intruders come and she has to separate from her people to go fight and protect those unable to.



  1. Meet The Small Potatoes



Centered on the British musical stars, this 115-minute animated film has the perfect mix of new and already existing songs. It brings to light the hard work the group puts in order to become successful. Although the movie’s main target audience is kids aged 3 years, Meet The Small Potatoes is appropriate for people of all ages. Parents can discuss important matters revolving around friendship with their children. Whenever the three band members fight, they find ways to solve their issues. That can be a great learning lesson for your children on how to resolve conflict amongst themselves and their siblings or friends. For older kids, looking to become celebrities. They can learn on or two things on how best to handle stardom and the fame that comes with it.



  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is appropriate for kids aged 12 years and above and is a sequel to Vol. 1. Nebula, Gamora’s sister is caught trying to steal batteries belonging to the Sovereign.

In exchange for her release, the Guardians are hired to protect the batteries from getting stolen by an alien race. Rocket ends up stealing the same batteries they were hired to protect.

When they find out, the Guardians plan their escape as the Sovereign dispatches their warship fleet to go after them and seek vengeance. While on a boat, they get attacked by all kinds of drones but are protected by some unknown force. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has Peter reconnect with his father.



  1. Leap



Set for release on the 25th of August 2017, the story revolves around Felicie and her friend Victor who are both orphans. Felicie’s one dream is to become a ballerina dancer while her friend Victor wants to become a well-known inventor.

With nothing but faith, the two leave the orphanage and got to Paris. In Paris, she realizes that things aren’t going to be as smooth as she had imagined all along.

In order to gain admission to the most competitive and prestigious Opera Ballet School, she has to pretend that she comes from a wealthy family. It soon dawns on her that talent alone without dance training isn’t enough to protect her from her devious classmates.

Her determination to succeed sees her find a mentor. That added by Victor’s support sees her aim for the stars.



  1. Cars 3



Written by Dave Mullins, Cars 3 follows Lighting McQueen’s desire to go back to the sport that he was once good at; fast car racing.

His desire is to get back to his old status where he’d win almost all races. He is losing and that affects him. At one of his sponsor’s training facility, Lightning humiliates himself and afterwards chooses to work with Cruz to get back his former glory. Cruz, however, has her on plans and wants to get into racing.

Different aspects of his life inspire Lightning as he plans to race again and get back to the top. Definitely a film that belongs in our list of Top 10 Children’s Films.



  1. Moana



Moana’s adventure filled childhood is the perfect definition of how most of us had our childhood or would wish it had been. From a young age, Moana wants to go beyond the reef and see what lies there.

Her father, however, is against it and wants her to lay a stone that will cement her chieftaincy position that will make her the first female chief among her people. Her grandmother, on the other hand, insists she must listen to the ocean and that she is the selected saviour for her people.

Mother Island, Te Fiti, becomes enraged and wants to create destruction to the people after Maui stole her heart like a gem. When things get bad for her people, Moana has to leave and go find the gem-like heart and return it to Mother Island in order to save her people.

The movie is intriguing and the Island setting makes it even more intriguing.



  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming



Directed by Jon Watts and rated PG 13, Spider – Man: Homecoming seems to be the most loved movie in the Spider-Man collection.

Peter Parker tries to go back to living a normal life. He is depicted as trying to find a balance between being a superhero and his school work.

He now lives with his aunt and has Tony Stark as his new mentor. Even as he pushes to make himself useful to his neighbours by keeping them safe.

However, when the Vulture resurfaces, Peter has to fight with everything he has to protect his own.




  1. Step



Number 10 on our list of  Top 10 Children’s Films and suitable for kids aged 10 and above, the documentary arouses all kinds of emotions; from joy to tears.

The movie is centered around a group of high school students from Baltimore who are involved in a step dance competition with the end goal is getting to college.

The film oozes positive energy and instills the spirit of perseverance and teamwork.


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