Best Soccer Training Aids for Kids

Best Soccer Training Aids for Kids

Coaching kids how to play soccer using the right soccer training aids can be more fun for both the kids and the coach. Fun is definitely something everyone wants to have whether while at work or out in the field with a bunch of handful kids. Moreover, when practice is fun-filled, it helps a lot in the development of the kids. All kids are different and they, therefore, learn and understand things differently. Just the same way some are better at listening, other kids are more visual while others have a combination of both. When training kids, ensuring that you have the necessary training aids can go a long way in getting your team well equipped.

All kids are different and they, therefore, learn and understand things differently. Just the same way some are better at listening, other kids are more visual while others have a combination of both. When training kids, ensuring that you have the necessary training aids can go a long way in getting your team well equipped.

Besides, the right training aids help kids become better at soccer as most of their exercises and practices will involve external help. With the market saturation of different brands and products, it is almost not too hard to get the right equipment that you need. Most of these training aids can be found on Amazon. Whether as a parent or a coach of a kids’ soccer team, you need to assess what your kids need and what role the training aid will play in helping them become better.

This way, you don’t end up buying training aids for the sake of buying. Also, letting your kids figure out the training aids can be a good way of getting them psyched for soccer practice.

What are the best soccer training aids for kids?

One of the most loved game and also quite popular is soccer. Most people choose to play soccer either for fun or professionally. Many of the professional soccer players we have today started playing when they were young. Some learnt by themselves while others learnt by watching their favourite soccer players and imitating their plays.

Just like other games or exercises, soccer helps you keep fit. As mentioned earlier, there are quite a number of products available in the market today. Depending on the manufacturer, they also come with different price tags. To bring out the best in your child or team, we have listed down a couple of training aids that will help your kid become better in their soccer training.


  1. Soccer Training Goals

Gone are the days when you’d need a large field to actually play soccer with your kids. Technology has come a long way. This means you can simply get the portable soccer goals and turn your backyard into a soccer pitch. Moreover, almost all portable soccer training goals come in two pairs making it easy for you to enjoy a fun game of soccer with your kids.

They also come in different sizes making it easier for you to adjust. Adults as well as kids can therefore enjoy a game of soccer. Whether training alone or with a bunch of kids, soccer training goals are really important and come in handy.

Their small size makes them quite easy to store as they don’t occupy so much space in your home. Getting the right soccer training goals can help you and your kids have so much fun when out playing soccer.

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  1. Soccer Training Ladders

From kids to professionals, anyone playing soccer needs to have strong legs. Strong legs mean you can be fast when playing soccer and can be quite advantageous to your opponents.

Having agility in any soccer game can help you be quite the player in the field. Additionally, besides being fast and having strong legs, agility training can also help you burn calories. To work on your agility as a soccer player, you will need soccer training ladders.

They are quite affordable and can be placed on any surface as long as it’s flat. Most soccer training ladders are available in black and yellow colours which contrast perfectly with the green grass making it quite conspicuous.

Agility also helps you keep fit. Depending on the manufacturer, the rungs of the soccer training ladders vary. Some might have 11 rungs while others have up to 20 rungs. To get your kids in perfect shape for any soccer match, paying great attention and helping them develop strong legs will be a quick remedy.

Buy them a soccer training ladder and get them to practice and see the difference for yourself.

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  1. Soccer Kick Trainers

The soccer kick trainers are ideal for getting your kid to train on their kicking by themselves. They are also available in different sizes that can be perfect for kids, teenagers and adults alike. Most soccer kick trainers can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Kicking is an important aspect of any soccer game and is therefore crucial to get your little ones to train on how they kick. The soccer kick trainers are perfect for this as your kid won’t need much help from you.

They aren’t heavy and can be used anytime anywhere. With the football tied to a rope that connects back to the jacket worn or the waistband that holds the rope, your kid will worry less about breaking windows or spoiling things around the home.

The most important aspect of the soccer kick trainers is that it not only helps develop your little one’s technique and skill but also helps improve their speed, coordination and touch. Coordination and touch are quite important soccer skills.

Using this equipment helps strengthen both feet as they’ll be required to make use of both – even the weaker foot. When buying a soccer kick trainer, ensure that you get the right size for your kid or one that has adjustable straps.

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  1. Soccer Training Cones

Training kids how to play soccer wouldn’t be complete without soccer cones. Soccer cones can be used for various purposes in the field of play.

You can use them to create boundary lines or as space mark outs for the kind of exercises you want your team to practice.

Soccer cones can help your kids learn how to control a ball and manoeuvre it through the cones which act as obstacles. When using the cones as obstacles, the training also helps develop your little one’s footwork.

When making a purchase for any soccer cones, it’s important to make sure you get one that is bright in colour. Bright coloured soccer cones help with visibility whether you are practising at dawn or in the evening.

Also, buy one that is light in weight and easy for your kid to move around if they need to. Soccer training cones are ideal for getting your kid to work on their agility and speed and shouldn’t miss in your list of training aids.

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  1. Soccer Running Parachute

Running is an important skill that your kid will need to develop if their interest is in soccer. We all know that a game of soccer requires running across the field chasing after a ball and trying to score a goal.

There is no better way to develop speed and strength in your kid than to use running parachutes.

Using the running parachutes gives better performance in terms of muscle resistance. They are small in size and are mainly made from nylon. They have Velcro straps that can be tied around the waist or chest and can be adjusted to fit different body types and the chute unit.

Your child is able to build their strength when running as it created resistance to the wind. Train your child on how to release the chute in the middle of a run. This will propel them forward and increase their speed which is crucial in a soccer game.

When buying one, make sure that it fits your child to enable you to see the full benefits of it. they are also quite affordable compared to other training aids available in the market.

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  1. Soccer Training Rebounders

Even though soccer rebounders can be of great benefit to goalkeepers in helping their catching skills, soccer training rebounders can be useful for all player across the board.

You can feed balls into the rebounder and let your kid either catch it or kick it back to the rebounder. This helps with their footwork, throwing and catching skills.

Using this equipment can also help your kid make use of other body parts for passing the ball like the head, chest, hands and thighs and strengthen the weaker foot.

Depending on your choice, soccer training rebounders can be placed in different directions replacing the need for more players.

They also help in imitating real life-game situations. When buying one, invest in one that is made of good quality and is durable. Some rebounders may be cheap but may not last long therefore forcing you to spend more money on getting another one.

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  1. Soccer Training Quick Feet

Just as important as it is to train your legs, it’s also important to train your feet too. In a game of soccer, the feet are important when it comes to kicking and passing of the ball.

The Quick Feet trainer is simple and easy to set up and can be used by kids and adults of different age.

It will help improve your kids touches making them have fast feet, become more accurate in kicking the ball and improve their turning capability.

With the need to develop better balance in the field of play and coordination, the Quick Feet trainer aid gives you those two. The best part about using the Quick Feet trainer is that your kid can play by themselves or if need be in a group.

The more the repetitions the better chances you have of getting better at your kick and enhancing your feet speed. It’s ideal for use both indoors and outdoors and is very easy to set up.

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What is the importance of Soccer Training Aids?

There are various reasons as to why soccer training aids are a great addition to your kid’s soccer practices. Besides, some of the above training aids can easily be set up by your kid and make the practices more fun for them. Players develop their skills in shooting, passing and kicking while at the same time building on their strength, agility, speed and overall body fitness. As a coach or trainer, training aids can be all you need to make practice more fun especially when you are training young kids. So, what are the benefits of using different training aids?

  • Helps the players build on their strength, speed and agility, therefore, making your players more fit
  • Using training aids such as ladders and quick feet helps the kids with balance and coordination which are great assets when it comes to soccer
  • Gives you the flexibility of performing different drills with your team whenever you are out in the field practising
  • Soccer training cones can also be used to mark out the field beside their main function of acting as obstacles that can be used to manoeuvre the ball
  • With training aids, your little one won’t need to rely on other players so as to practice as they can easily do this by themselves
  • Training aids can be used to perform different soccer drills which in the end help reinforce the performance of the team



Areas to focus on when training kids

  • Speed training
  • Weight training
  • Agility training
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Strength training
  • Goal keeper training

When coming up with a training programme, you need to remember that you are dealing with kids. As such, you need to keep the training as simple as you possibly can. The drills need to be easy for you as the trainer to demonstrate and easy for the kids to perform.

In addition to keeping the drills simple, you will also need to ensure that it is involving and engaging for the kids. Also, kids feel better when they are acknowledged and appreciated. Be generous with your compliments as it will make them feel better and want to get better. You can also make the training more fun by holding competitions and letting them show off their skills in a friendly way. The more fun, the more memorable it will be for them.



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