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Steiff Teddy Bears

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to own or have owned a Steiff Bear, then you will know the quality of their toys. Most owners will say they “I remember my first steiff bear” with great fondness. Steiff teddy bears are probably one of the best known and best loved teddy bears available anywhere in the world today. Manufactured with care in their German factory with only the best materials available, Steiff bears have been treasured possessions by teddy lovers all over the World for over 100 year. Teddy bears are special favourites with children of all ages even up to old age ones as well! In the USA, it has been found that giving a child involved in a traumatic situation a cuddly teddy bear will help to settle them and bring comfort as well. There is at least one group, who call themselves “the teddy bear Cops”, who specialize in collecting and then donating teddy bears to emergency service. These are then available to help bring in comfort andsupport to children involved in accidents and are now carried at all times on the emergency vehicles to be available when required.

The most expensive bear ever produced however was a very special edition bear dressed in a designer outfit complete with matching suitcase, by Louis Vuitton.

The Steiff Teddy Bear Company

The Steiff company has been making teddy bears of all description since the late 1800’s. The company was founded by a young disabled seamstress whose first venture into the world of soft toys was an elephant which was made to be a pin cushion. This created so much interest that more were made, and that was the commencement of the soft toy business. The business quickly grew soon supplying teddies not only in Germany, but also to the USA. They survived 2 World War, and were back up and were back up and running again by 1947. Since then, the Company has steadily grown, and their reputation for supplying very high quality soft toys, particularly teddies, has spread all over the world. As a world class manufacturer, the Steiff Company insist on being the best in every area. They have their own purity law, which controls the standards to which their bears are manufactured, governs the materials, colours, and fillings used, and the highest standard of workmanship is insisted on at every stage of production. Every process is subject to stringent inspection, to ensure that their very high standards at maintained. It is this insistence on such high standards that guarantees that only products of the very highest quality are offered for sale.  The whole manufacturing process meets not only the ISO9001 standard, but other internationally recognised standards as well. They are also very concerned that their manufacturing processes meet current environmental standards, and they have a policy in place to ensure that these are maintained .This all ensures that all their bears have a very long life, and give years of pleasure to their owners. Many are now family heirlooms, and others that are in the hands of collectors date back to over 100 years

Steiff UK, their UK based distributors, hold large stocks of all Steiff products in this Country. The range of products is very extensive, and includes starting prices from around £30, and going up from there. Some of their special editions using precious stones and real gold thread, often involving very high asking   prices. They also produce from time to time, limited edition models, some with topical themes, and these rapidly become collector’s items. Some of these have changed hands at over £100,000. The most expensive bear ever produced however was a very special edition bear dressed in a designer outfit complete with matching suitcase, by Louis Vuitton. This was sold at a charity auction for a massive $2.1 million and is now in a Japanese museum. Another antique bear was one that dated back to 1905 and had a very interesting History. This bear was given to its original owner at birth, and stayed in his possession right through World War 2, and even including surviving the 1944 D Day landings. After he passed away in 1990, it was donated to charity, and made £110,000 at a charity auction, This was one of the highest amounts ever paid for a vintage bear.

Huge Range of Teddy Bears

The range of teddy bears produced is enormous, and is constantly changing. It is possible to purchase teddies just as a teddy, or they are available differently a choice available for every occasion or interest. The range also includes a growing selection of animals. Farm favourites, such as lambs, pigs, cows and horses are very popular, and the the zoo collection also has a lot of followers, as it includes animals such as elephants. Lions and monkeys.  What guarantees a genuine Steiff product is their signature “button in the ear” together with the Steiff name tag, which as their unique trademark, is instantly recognizable anywhere.

The Steiff Club

The Steiff club is a must for all serious collectors of Steiff bears, and indeed for all who are interested in soft toys. This will keep you in touch with all the latest developments, and provides details
of new and exclusive limited editions as they become available. It also includes newsletters and special offers some of which are only available to club members. Situated in Geingen an der Brenz, which is south west of Stuttgart in Germany, is the Steiff Museum. The museum traces the history of the Company right from its inception, up to the current day, together with examples of their products which they have produced over the years. Also on the site is a factory shop where there is a large selection of their products available for purchase and a Bistro serving refreshments. If you are in Germany, it is an attraction well worth a visit for all bear and soft toy lovers.



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