The hug machine

You may not be aware of, Temple Grandin, a high functioning autistic, I highly recommend you read her website and her accomplishments.

One of the things I found most remarkable, was her invention of the ‘hug box’ essentially a machine that squeezes, an autistic person cannot always ask another person for hugs, the social interaction being uncomfortable. Is your child like this?

It might be worth investigating a product called The Snug Vest. Essentially a vest that squeezes gently (and safely!) to simulate the feeling of a hug in a manner that does not become uncomfortable to the child, who can inflate it themselves giving them a feeling of control over their situation. Should they become uncomfortable, or feel themselves close to a panic attack or tantrum, they can squeeze, delivering a calming effect to the child.

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1 thought on “The hug machine

  1. Thank you.

    I just wanted to say that. I’ve been reading Temple’s books, and the fact she was (is!) able to accomplish so much gives both myself and my husband hope for the future. Sadly a snug vest is out of the question for the near future, they’re not cheap.

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