Idea’s for sensory play for autistic children


There are no real wrong idea’s for toys for special children, in fact some of the simplest idea’s will sometimes provide the most fun. A cardboard box can become a fort, a sofa and a blanket can become a castle to defend.. I’ll cover low-cost/free items around the home in a later article. For now, there are a number of existing toys that you may or may not have thought of.

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Physical activities and sensory toys can provide valuable feedback for people with autism.

Hours of fun chasing and popping the bubbles!

Calming and tranquil to ease the mind.

As above, with pretty lights. Ideal as a night light

Chase the lights, or see what different colours look like shone on things around the house!

One that you can help with and nurture talent.

As above, just.. maybe not a drum kit?

Promotes balance, and control.

Who doesn’t like a slide? 🙂

One for older children, only with netting in place

Again, good balance and good for calming.

Muscle control and balance


If the child cannot walk yet, a small tractor or threewheeler will allow them to explore and ease frustration.

Only under supervision.

In conjunction with the paddling pool for hours of fun. Combine with some tools to build structures together!
Sorting, matching and construction

All excellent idea’s for building coordination and entertaining the mind.



Rather than just a book with plain text, try looking at:

      • board books
      • books with flaps
      • books that encourage readers to touch and feel different textures and fabrics in them

Touch is an important sensation that can help bring familiarity to objects that words and images alone might not.

I personally recommend the cat in the hat. Is a bit of a tongue twister!

      • factual books

Promote a voracious appetite for history or how things work.

      • puzzle books.

Problem solving and hours of fun.


Games to play with other people

These can help to develop skills in listening, observing and turn-taking.

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2 thoughts on “Idea’s for sensory play for autistic children

  1. I know you were joking about the drum kit, but they’re actually really quite helpful for our little one. The sounds calm him. While I live in a world of ear plugs and headphones.
    Not sure I’d call it music yet, but hey, I’m old now!

    1. You can get electronic drum kits these days that you can have the audio go to headphones. You’ll still hear the thumping, but perhaps not the loud clashing sounds!

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